The U Group Provides Free Transportation for Workers

Connecting Workers with Employers

The U Group is the only agency in Pennsylvania that provides door-to-door transportation for workers! Find out what makes working with us so easy!

Employement Agency in Pennsylvania
Employement Agency in Pennsylvania

Welcome to The U Group!

Consistent Employment for Workers Proven Growth for Businesses

A good employment agency has two priorities – workers and employers. If both parties are delighted with the outcome, the employment agency has done its job. Let’s not forget door-to-door transportation for new hires to get to work!

That's why you should always choose The U Group for employment opportunities in Pennsylvania. With our decades of experience connecting people and unique guarantees for employers and workers, you are always our #1 priority.

Finding the right staff for commercial and clerical work doesn't need to be a struggle. The U Group connects talented workers with employers and goes the extra mile to ensure both parties maximize their potential.

What makes The U Group different? We provide door-to-door transportation for new hires to get to work.

How does this benefit new workers?

  • It means you don't have to wait for unreliable public transport
  • It keeps you safe on your journey to work by picking you up and dropping you off at your home!
  • It lets you work more flexible hours and overtime
  • It frees up more personal time for you to enjoy!

You'll enjoy stability of workers without worrying about transportation needs. We've found this helps new hires arrive with a positive attitude and settle into their new workplace much faster.

The U Group is the only employment agency in Pennsylvania offering door-to-door transportation to work. Contact us today to learn more!

Matching Your Needs Perfectly

The Right Staff. The Right Workers.

Having consistent, reliable staff is beneficial to businesses. We source commercial and clerical workers for companies across PA – our door-to-door transport service ensures that your staff arrives on time and is ready to get started.

Employers Looking For Employees

Are you seeking a top-performing team for your place of employment in the central Pennsylvania area? The U Group boasts unparalleled success in matching skilled workers to the job at hand, with over 24 years of experience in helping local businesses find the right employees.

Whether your employment needs to include commercial, warehouse, or administrative staff, we can help you put together the best team for your business.

Employement Agency in Pennsylvania

Employees Looking For Work

Do you need a stable job? It's not easy out there. We can put you in touch with respectful, accountable employers offering the perfect role for you.

Our employment agency works with numerous sectors offering high-quality commercial and clerical roles. We'll ensure that you find a job that suits your skills with hours that match your needs. We know what employers are looking for, & we know you've got the skills and the drive to get started.

Employement Agency in Pennsylvania

A Full Service Employment Agency

Finding Perfect Fits for Workers Working with All Sectors

We'll interview prospective employees to ensure they understand the role's demands and what's expected. When you're happy with your new hire, we'll arrange for them to get to work each day. This provides you with a consistent, stable workforce that is always on time and ready to go.

We also provide incentives for referrals. Once a new employee has completed 160 hours in a role, we offer gift card rewards of up to $100!

Sectors we work with include:

  • Skilled Trades
  • Light Technical
  • Warehousing
  • CDL
  • General Labor
  • Government Services
  • Assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Distribution
  • Call Center
  • Administrative
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Inside Sales
  • Data Entry
  • Other Clerical Work

Our approach promotes high-quality employees from all backgrounds. We're here to help you find a workers that suit your skill requirements. We're ready to give your new employees the extra leg-up they need to settle into their new job.

If you're seeking workers to become valued assets to your company, we've got what you need.

Contact us now, and let's talk.

Employement Agency in Pennsylvania