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Do you need a stable job? It's not easy out there. That's why The U Group is here – to put you in touch with respectful, accountable employers offering the perfect role for you. We know what employers are looking for, and we know you've got the skills and the drive to get started.

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Welcome to The U Group!

Looking For Work? Here's How The U Group Will Help

We all need someone to lift us up sometimes. Starting a new job comes with challenges – Will you like the role? Will you be treated well? How will you get there?

Our employment agency has just the lift you need – door-to-door transportation directly to and from your workplace. We arrange transportation for all who opt into the service, to help them get to and from their job on time and help you settle in. Here are the perks:

  • You won't have to struggle with the wait times of public transportation
  • You'll never need to worry about being late
  • You'll be able to work flexible hours and take on overtime
  • You'll have much more free time to prepare and unwind after work!

We believe in giving every worker the best chance of thriving in their new environment. That means removing barriers and giving you the lift you need.

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Matching Your Needs Perfectly

The Right Job At The Right Time

Our employment agency works with numerous sectors offering high-quality commercial and clerical roles. We'll ensure that you find a job that suits your skills with hours that match your needs.

Wide Variety of Roles

We offer varied roles in commercial industries such as warehousing, maintenance, and labor. We provide opportunities for skilled tradespeople, matching them with companies that will recognize their talents and offer proper compensation.

We find people jobs in clerical occupations such as call centers, admin, and accounting – but first, we listen to you. We want to find you the job you want.

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Thrive & Earn Respect

We connect workers with employment opportunities where they'll thrive and earn respect on their own terms. This means understanding what's possible for you before we get started.

We know people have responsibilities outside of work, and we'll do everything we can to help you balance your life and your new job. Our door to door transport service is at the heart of this.

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A Full Service Employment Agency

Trust. Accountability. Respect.

The U Group connects diverse people with a massive range of employment opportunities. We know that there's something for everyone: we work closely with employers to help people flourish in their new roles.

We're here to connect workers with employers who will treat them with respect, trust, and accountability. We're here to help you achieve your potential.

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With 30 years of experience in the industry and a growing client base, The U Group is your #1 choice for employment opportunities in Pennsylvania. Contact The U Group today to help you find a job!

Clerical Work Office Job Working at Computer