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Are you seeking a top-performing team for your place of employment in the central Pennsylvania area? The U Group boasts unparalleled success in matching skilled workers to the job at hand, with over 24 years of experience in helping local businesses find the right employees. Whether your employment needs to include commercial, warehouse, or administrative staff, we can help you put together the best team for your business.

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Welcome to The U Group!

Solving Transportation Woes Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

Our commitment to building your business while serving the community doesn't stop at finding the right workers for your company.

The U Group is the only employment firm in the central Pennsylvania region that provides door-to-door transportation services for employees once they have been hired by our clients. When you onboard a job seeker from our database, we ensure your new employee arrives on time for every shift, and we'll provide them with a safe and reliable ride home at the end of the day.

In addition to ensuring new employees won't have to worry about how to get to and from work, this approach boosts your bottom line as the employer by raising worker morale and decreasing lateness and absenteeism. You can hire with confidence knowing that The U Group will facilitate your employee's travel to and from their new place of employment.

Our clients find this service especially helpful when filling late-night shifts, as well as for staffing needs that include overtime, weekend work, and holiday hours.

Matching Your Needs Perfectly

Finding The Right Worker For Your Employment Needs

Our employment agency works with numerous sectors offering high-quality commercial and clerical roles. We'll ensure that you find a worker that suits your employment needs.

Commercial Staffing

Pennsylvania is home to a vast array of commercial and industrial businesses, such as factories, warehouses, and distribution facilities. As any employer in these industries knows, turnover rates can be high due to the demanding nature of the job.

The U Group is on hand to match your commercial business with skilled and experienced employees who are ready to increase the productivity of your workplace. We have staff with a wide range of expertise, including assembly, distribution, maintenance, stocking, and general labor. We can also assist in connecting your business with skilled tradespeople and knowledgeable technicians.

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Clerical Staffing

Any employer searching for clerical workers in central Pennsylvania should look no further than The U Group. Our roster of talented job seekers includes ideal candidates for call centers, administrative offices, accounting and finance departments, sales positions, and more. We are able to connect workplaces with office workers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels, including executives, assistants, managers, and information technology professionals.

Don't let your employment needs put undue pressure on your existing staff; get in touch with The U Group today to find the perfect team member.

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IT Staffing

Information Technology covers all staffing related to various entry-level and Tier 1 positions in the area. These are very technologically inclined candidates. Some of the positions that we have the most success hiring are the entry-level technicians, as well as “help-desk” technicians. There may also be more of an opportunity for direct placement, given the demand for IT specialists. In most cases, the positions available will be ideal for those who are getting started in the industry or those who are looking for a new environment or experience.

While most positions will operate during standard business hours (8a – 5p), the IT industry does allow for multiple shifts, especially in the call center environment. In some rare cases, our entry-level opportunities can also be available to hard-working, teachable candidates who have no formal training.

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Environmental Staffing

Our Environmental Staffing covers all aspects of Construction/Landscaping (large-scale contracted companies). We work with various Construction companies that stretch all over Pennsylvania. We have provided everything from General Laborers to Heavy Equipment Operators, and everything in between.

The Environmental Division is also a large avenue of success for transportation. Construction companies usually take contracts all over their “area”. Yes, they have a “main-hub”, but their jobsite is whatever hospital, strip-mall, grocery store, city street they are contracted to work at that week.

Reliable door-to-door transportation in the Construction world is a necessity, and we can assist in providing that.

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A Full Service Employment Agency

Taking Your Needs Seriously

When it comes to staffing your business, you want to work with an agency that takes your individual needs and the needs of your workplace into account.

Whether you require contingent or permanent workers for your central Pennsylvania company, we have the industry experience needed to connect you with top-notch job seekers who will fulfill your staffing needs and allow your business to grow and flourish. Contact The U Group today to help you find employees!

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